Monsters are safe

Moshi Monsters, that is. Or to be more specific, the
Moshi Monsters site has been rated U in its entirety for availability
through TwoTen’s service.

While TwoTen generally rates the content on sites, rather than the site
as a whole, an approach that allows us to have some YouTube videos
available but not others, sites that are dynamic and with lots of
content only available behind a login can’t be easily assessed in that
way. Many of these sorts of sites of course would not be suitable for
kids – and wouldn’t claim to be. It’s easy for us to deal with those
sites, they don’t need to be rated for inclusion on TwoTen.

But Moshi Monsters most certainly is intended for kids (of all ages!)
but is secured and has many social aspects. To rate Moshi Monsters and
sites like it requires us to take the site through an audit, where we
assess the safeguards in place rather than the content as such. We’re
very pleased to be able to say that Moshi Monsters passed the audit with
flying colours on all aspects of their site. They achieved this through
a mixture of technology-based solutions, human moderators and effective
processes, creating a very safe environment while still allowing
in-game chat, forums and blogs for all their members.

Now Peepus can go on Moshi Monsters whenever he gets a spare moment and
get to know all the monsters. Maybe this means the future could bring a
sequel to the Moshi Monsters movie. "Peepus and the Monsters!