The image search facility on Peepus’s website (click here!) is designed for use by younger children. It sources content from a number of places, like Flickr and openclipart but in a way that means the images found should be suitable for young children. We also make sure the images returned are available under a Creative Commons licence so your child can use them on posters or the web, etc., without risk of anyone complaining about copyright infringement.

More info

Right now the search facility is quite simple and requires the child to use it to be able to enter text to search. We’re working on adding more features and improving the performance, and are thinking of ways we can enable image search for children who can’t yet write (because not being able to write doesn’t mean you don’t want to find pictures of puppies), and how we could support language learning (multiple languages). We’ll also be looking at making it easier to get a range of different sizes of of your chosen image.

If you want to add images so that they can be found with the search, you can add them to the websites that Peepus searches for images. For photographs it’s easiest to upload them to Flickr and, if you make them available under aCreative Commons licence, (preferably the plain CC one) and describe/name them descriptively then they’ll start turning up after 24 hours or so. For drawings upload them to openclipart. As openclipart depend on volunteers to check and classify uploaded content, it might be a bit longer before they turn up in the search results, depending on how busy their team are.