The Team

Chris Puttickfounder

Chris has worked in many sectors, with his last proper job working in senior management in the construction sector. He’s also worked in the education sector on and off for 20 years, providing IT help for infant schools to universities, as a solutions consultant and project manager for an education IT reseller, and most recently by providing consultancy services to education clients. Having had responsibility for protecting different age groups online, he brings a unique perspective to how online protection needs differ with age.

Within TwoTen his main activities are helping Peepus.

Lucian Pricopfounder

Lucian is an experienced web developer, HTML, CSS & JS wizard, who as a freelancer has worked with clients all over the world, developing everything from pubic websites to highly esoteric data processing systems.

Dave Thornefounder

Dr. David Thorne has been programming and architecting computer systems for an embarrassingly long time in a wide variety of settings, ranging from his childhood bedroom to, a little more recently, the sectors of industry, education, and research.

Peepusheavy lifter

Peepus doesn’t do mini bios, but has his own page and is working on his own site.