Embedding TwoTen

TwoTen is constructed in a modular fashion, with the core site assessment separated from the other elements. The core is addressable through a simple API, and there are widely available open source components that can address that API and provide the other functionality. As a result it is (by design) a simple process to embed TwoTen’s ultimate protection for younger children into existing products and services, both hardware, software and at a network level.

To use TwoTen’s service your customers will still need a TwoTen subscription but again, as the entire solution is modularised, there are a number of options for how to handle that subscription, whether via an upfront deal with you as the supplier of the products or the end-user directly with us when they enable the feature. Please contact us if you want to discuss your options further.

The API docs and sample components will be available from the Support pages soon.