The Cube arrives

It’s been a long and challenging process, but the prototype Cube, the
box that looks after your children while they browse the Internet, is
now in our possession. Designed physically to withstand the rigours of
life around younger children and to be simple to use by parents and
children alike, the Cube will be simply the best way to bring up
children in the Internet age.

Cube front portrait

No vents for liquids (or solids!) to find their way inside, no sockets
from which plugs can be pulled or pens inserted, no corners or edges,
and constructed in soft materials to minimise risk of harm to both
itself and those who may come into contact with it. The Cube provides a
transparent layer of protection and guidance for children browsing the
web, regardless of what they are using to browse, whether tablet, TV or
laptop. Safe whichever way you want to look at it