Products that suit your needs

If you want to protect one child on one device (PC, tablet, netbook, it’s not a problem) then a simple TwoTen subscription is probably all you need – this is also all you need if your TV box or Internet router is already TwoTen capable. If you are trying to protect a larger group of children, such as in a primary school or nursery, then TwoTenNest can protect 100s of children at once; if you are somewhere inbetween, such as a family with more than one child and/or using more than one device, then TwoTenCube is designed with your needs in mind. Finally there’s TwoTenSIM, which just replaces any existing SIM card with one from TwoTen.

During the beta phases only the TwoTen subscription product and TwoTenNest will be available. TwoTenCube and TwoTenSIM will be made available after TwoTen has launched. But at TwoTen we like to keep things simple, so the family subscription is the same whether you are using with one computer or with TwoTenCube – so you can start with a subscription and upgrade later just by buying and installing TwoTenCube.