Latest Youtube Craze Among Preschoolers

This is a weird one. I thought my 2 year old was the only one who had a strange obsession for these kinds of videos, but it seems he’s not alone. Having spoken to friends, it seems their preschoolers also have a thing for them. 

So what are these bizarre videos taking YouTube by storm? It’s the unwrapping of Kinder Eggs. I kid you not! People actually spend the best part of half an hour filming themselves unwrapping Kinder Eggs before showing off the numerous toys contained within them.

YouTube is literally packed to the rafters with video upon video of these Kinder Egg openings and kids are fascinated by it. Having been subjected to a few of these videos now, my only concern is for the chocolate which is so carelessly discarded during these videos. Maybe I could offer my services as a chocolate dustbin for the makers of these bizarre videos. 

Has your child caught onto this rather bizarre craze too?