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On the 20th of July nine amazingly brave people jumped out of a plane to raise money for the Lullaby Trust
in memory of a beautiful little girl who died at just nine months old
from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death.

Matilda Mae was exactly nine months old. Perfectly healthy and having
learned to crawl that day, there was absolutely nothing to suggest she
wouldn’t wake up after being put down to sleep in her cot that night.
SIDS is cruel, can happen at any time and to any family and that is why
eight women and one man (last minute stand-in due to illness!), one
person for each month of Matilda’s all too brief but beautiful life,
jumped out of a plane that day.

Of course anyone who read about or saw pictures of beautiful baby Tilda
couldn’t fail to be moved by what happened to her and that is why TwoTen
wanted to try to help in some way. Guided by Hayley
who organised the event, we covered the cost of the hotel for the
evening before the skydive and even popped down on the morning of the
jump to provide a little something pink and bubbly for when everyone had
their feet firmly back on solid ground.

Here’s what Hayley had to say:

"A few months ago I had a crazy idea to skydive in Matilda Mae’s memory
and eventually 8 other women joined me. We were coming from all over the
country and wanted to unite the night before to get to know one
another. We arranged a hotel and thanks to the lovely TwoTen we didn’t
have to worry about costs. It was a great evening and we all slept
fairly soundly whilst waking frequently with nerves. The day was simply
amazing and words can’t describe how emotional it was and that unique
feeling of floating on free fall. We decided there and then the Matilda
Mae skydive is going to be an annual event"

Keep your eye on our blog for
blog round up of posts from the skydivers themselves and, of course
don’t forget you can still donate to the Lullaby Trust via the team’s Just Giving page