First expert review and the verdict is…

TwoTen  had someone review the TwoTen service
completely independently – by which we mean nobody was in the room to
point out features, there were no reviewers notes provided, nothing. In a
way it was a test of the simplicity of our design approach.

We sent Alan Mackenzie (of e-safety adviser
and a member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety) just
instructions on how to enable the TwoTen public demo service in his web
browser of choice and then waited, slightly nervously, to see what he
would say. We’ll all have to wait for his full review to be published, which will be in his school e-safety newsletter, but he sent us some
feedback to keep us going:

"I have managed to take a quick initial browse. I set up the proxy and used Chrome on Mac OSX."

"The concept is great, I can see this working really well. Tested out
lots of subjects via Google search such as self harming, adult,
pro-anorexia and more and had no issues at all."

"I think this could be a brilliant service to children, to parents and to schools."

We think he liked it!