TwoTen presenting at ISPA event

Our CEO Chris Puttick was invited to represent TwoTen on a panel for the Internet Service Providers Association
latest Policy Forum,
which was on the subject of Online Child Protection.
This subject has been one of the key internet policy debates in recent
years. The Bailey Review, a campaign to make
parental controls more readily available and a
Government consultation have tried to set goal posts for the Internet
However, at times, there seems to be a disconnect
between the different parties involved in the debate, with a lack of
consensus over what good online child protection
should look like.

TwoTen were there to say

  • (i) age-appropriate is not about adult or not, and
  • (ii) online safety products should be making
    the Internet better for kids, and be a little less about allaying the
    fears of adults.

Of course, TwoTen ensures the Internet for younger
children is safer than ever before as well!
A constructive debate was had and most there agreed
that making internet better was as or more important than just safer.