First phase Cube product design completed

One of the first big outcomes of the initial investment round, our product designers at Product Partners have completed the first phase of the process of realising TwoTen Cube. A series of ideas was presented about colours, shapes, materials and sizes. For the latter, although we’ve yet to confirm the size of hardware that will go inside, we’ve chosen to go with largish size, which both ensures a wider choice on the internals and makes sure that parents can see that TwoTen Cube is actively protecting their children.

It’ll be green, of course, and the shape will be similar to a dice i.e. a cube with rounded corners, and made from a (silicon) rubber material, coated so it’s strokable. We’re hoping to make the whole thing flexible, although the internals will impact on the degree to which we can achieve that; basically it’s going to be a child’s toy version of the logo.

This first phase was match-funded by the Manufacturing Advisory Service and we hope they’ll also help in the next phase, where Product Partners will do the prototyping – and some rendered images of what the final product will look like. We’ll post them on the site as soon as we get them.