TwoTen funding round completes

We’re very pleased to be able to announce that TwoTen has completed an investment round. Not only does getting investor backing validate what we’ve been working on with TwoTen, it is also a great step forward for us. Having some cash enables us to take full advantage of the opportunities that come our way, as well as help us move the product on in various ways. We’ll be recruiting our first staff shortly!

As a result of the investment Michael Fauconnier-Bank has joined the board to represent the investors. Mike has had an active interest in TwoTen since it was introduced to him earlier in the year. On joining the board Mike said "TwoTen is working on a unique solution to safely guiding childrens’ development as they grow-up in today’s increasingly connected world. In turn, I am proud to be supporting the company at this early stage in its own lifecycle and I look forward to watching TwoTen mature into the market leader in this important field."