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We don't know very much about him nor where he came from, but we're glad he's around. Peepus does most of the actual work around TwoTen. He runs all the technology, keeps the network clean and sparkly and works tirelessly to protect and guide children while they browse the web.

Peepus is that rarest of ducks, an educk, a species of duck that lives in cyberspace. An educk, or at least Peepus, can do so many things at once that he can protect and guide lots of children at the same time, and still have time to look for pages on the TwoTen website that people ask for, help people when pages are lost or things break, and acts as gatekeeper to the bits that are just for subscribers. All that he asks in return is that people are nice to him (and help him with his search for other educks).

Peepus was named in honour of a small duck called Rra Peep
Rra Peep surveying his kingdom from his pond
who ruled a garden kingdom in England. Rra Peep, like Peepus, was a little unusual. Despite being quite small, his best friend
"Hello Louis! It's hailing, mind if I pop in?"
was a big dog called Louis
"This sea stuff tastes funny"
and his second-best friend, and occasional nemesis, was a spotty dog named Bob
"I know nothing about any Smarties..."
. Bob and Louis are brothers who are famous. A bit. Well there's a book about them anyway!

Peepus thinks he would like Louis and Bob, and their new brother Ollie
"Look into my eyes... Feed me more..."
, but they can't use computers very well and so they don't go on the web often. This has made it hard for Peepus to get to know them...

Peepus has his own website over at peepus.is though it's really just for kids.

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